Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Voter ID Laws Coming to one of the Carolinas anyway

If SC can get their voter ID laws upheld, then NC should be able to do the same once we get a governor who will sign the legislation into law.  Just one more reason to vote for Pat McCrory.  - Nancy

South Carolina voter ID law upheld by Federal court

WASHINGTON (AP) — A panel of three federal judges upheld a South Carolina law requiring voters to show photo identification, but delayed enforcement until next year, in a decision announced Wednesday, less than a month before this year's presidential election.
In a unanimous ruling, the judges said there was no discriminatory intent behind the law, ruling that it would not diminish African-Americans' voting rights because people who face a "reasonable impediment" to getting an acceptable photo ID can still vote if they sign an affidavit.
The judge declined to let the law take effect immediately, "given the short time left before the 2012 elections and given the numerous steps necessary to properly implement the law ... and ensure that the law would not have discriminatory" effects.

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