Sunday, October 21, 2012

Would ya look at that?

Sometimes we need to just take a step back, look at what we have, and thank God that we are alive today. For the past few months I have been working with my local candidates. We have knocked on doors, encouraged citizens to register to vote, prepped for debates, mailed out fliers, handed out yard signs (replaced torn yard signs, yes torn not knocked over, torn in half) and just about every other activity that is involved in a local election. I have spoken out for the candidates that I think are best for the office, I have spoken out against candidates that I feel have misrepresented their past actions. Things got ugly at times, and things went great other times.
Some days things went both ways. Just earlier in the week during early voting I was called a skin-head by someone I would assume was on the opposite side outside of the Board of Elections, but later in the day I went to electioneer (outside of the 50 foot radius of the door as required by law) and ended up speaking for a long time with the mother of a candidate whom I did not agree with. It was a wonderful conversation and I can honestly say that they are a fantastic family that I would be proud to consider friends. After all in that race both candidates are shooting for the same goal, only the methods used to obtain that goal differ.

You see politics can get the best of good people. It can lead to hurt feelings and nasty attack ads against the opposition. I understand that this is part of the game, and honestly I don’t see it changing any time soon. I know that when a person runs for office that dirt will come to the surface and sometimes even straight out lies come out. But we at citizens also have to realize that politics is not everything. Before, during and after election season we are still Americans, we are still citizens and we still are accountable to a higher power.
I encourage you to take a step back today and spend some time with your God. Enrich your spirit and take just a moment to reinvigorate your soul. Trust me when I say the politics will still be here when you finish. I would also ask that during your time of worship and fellowship that you remember your fellow citizens, the members of the armed forces who fight for all Americans, our countries leadership and yes even the men running as candidates on both sides of the Isle or even those who march to the beat of a different drum than the two major parties.
Lastly I would encourage every reader that made it down this far to do one more thing today. Take the time to laugh and smile, you will feel better for it. Just remember that our mood is directly affected by how we choose to look at things. So be joyful even if you don’t agree with your opposition. Be kind and courteous to your fellow citizens, and be brave enough to speak your mind. 

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