Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am not happy.  Ding Dong's are in jeopardy.  Thank you dear union members!

Do you have any idea how much I depend on Ding Dongs when hubby and I picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway? They are a staple!  Just like hot dogs need buns, BBQ needs slaw, Country Fried Chicken needs white gravy, Grand Marnier needs Dove chocolates, etc...I need Ding Dongs with my ham, turkey, cheese and onion bun sandwich.  Oh Pringles too.  A sandwich on the parkway is awesome.  And I finish up the meal with a Ding Dong.  Ask hubby if you don't believe me! 

But now, thanks to idiots on the picket lines, I might not get them anymore.  

Hasn't this country suffered enough at the hands of unions?  I can't blame Hostess at all.  They are providing jobs.  Jobs that feed people, buy cars, pay for tuition, lights, etc.  That's just not good enough.  Where's the greed in this country?  With the 1%?  No.  It's with these workers who think their employers owe them something besides a good day's wage and a safe environment to work in. 

Anybody have a copycat recipe for Ding Dongs?  This grizzly mama needs it asap!

Hostess plans complete shutdown unless strike ends

 A 5 p.m. Thursday deadline set by Hostess Brands Inc. for striking workers to return to the production lines has passed, but it was unclear whether the company will go through with its threat to go out of business and begin liquidating its assets.

 The Texas-based maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs says a nationwide strike by its bakers union has affected production at about a dozen of its 36 plants.

Thousands of members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union went on strike last week  to protest 8 percent wage cuts and benefits concessions. Officials say the company stopped contributing to workers' pension last year, and the union rejected the company's contract offer in September.

Workers at a Rocky Mount plant that makes Wonder and Merita bread and Hostess snacks and desserts have honoring picket lines set up by workers from other Hostess plants. Workers cannot legally strike until the company puts in place pay and benefits concessions at the plant where they work, which would be Sunday for the Rocky Mount workers.

"If we go back to work, we lost," union representative Dave Hoffman said. "We did all we can do and all we're going to do."
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