Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elections have consequences

By Alex Bridges

There seems to be a bit of a fuss over the Affordable Health Care Act, or as I refer to it, Obamacare. Businesses all over the country are starting to cut back hours, freezing hiring and taking further cost cutting measures in order to stay open. But if you take a look at the twitter-verse you would think that these big businessmen and women are simply throwing a hissy-fit over the re-election of PBO. Folks you can not run a business by throwing money away. When an owner or a manager hires someone new there are a few things they take into consideration. 
  1. Will another worker add to productivity or will they hinder current production?
  2. How much will this employee take in pay and benefits?
  3. How much will this employee add to my company?
(It works in reverse when the rules of the game changes, can we afford to keep all the staff that we currently employ because of a mandated change to pay and benefits? It's not personal it's all cost analysis.)

Hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but elections have consequences. We are now just seeing a bit of what is to come as more and more red tape is added in the business world. There is no such thing as a free lunch and by far and large that is what people view Obamacare as. It is not tax free; the Supreme Courts
upheld the Act because it was paid for by taxes. It is not just the wealthy paying a bit more, it's coming out of the working class's pockets, rich and poor alike. The business owners are going to do what they do best, restructure their business so that they are profitable. I can't blame them, I would run my business the same way.

By all means keep calling for boycotts because you don't agree with how a company is changing in response to policies put into play by your president. That is your prerogative as a customer, but don't be shocked and dismayed when these businesses get fed up and leave. Who is John Galt?

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