Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lee County Board of Education..Partisan Politics!

I've been very quiet about a certain young lady, who was elected to the Board of Education last Spring, because she happens to be a member of the Republican Women of Lee County.  I challenged her after her win on the BOE that we would hold her feet to the fire.   And in front of the group. 

So here goes:  In Wednesday's Herald, there was an article about three BOE members calling for a meeting on Dr. Moss' professionalism at the CEAD forum.  Those members are Cameron Sharpe, Wendy Carlyle and Mark Atkinsho.

And let's see ...who do you think said..."ahhh no need." 
"Board Chairman Lynn Smith said Tuesday there are three ways a meeting can be called — by the chairman, the superintendent or the majority of the board. Smith said he canvassed the board Monday asking if they would like to call a special meeting, and the majority, including himself, were not inclined to meet"

Like we really think the Super would!

So the gang (majority) strikes again: Lynn Smith, Linda Smith, John Bonardi and Ms. Tamara Brogan. If these four think that language is ok, is it because they use it at home?  Is it because it's "just the norm"?  Or is it because they are such blind followers of the Super they can't see any better?

Dr. Smith...apparently you didn't call the three wanting the meeting.  So where did you canvas?  The Flame?  The Chamber? Democrat HQ?  Where?

I wonder what Dr. Smith would do if one of his young patients said that to him?  I wonder what Ms. Brogan would do if her children said it to her?  Ms. Brogan disappoints me like no other.  Why would she not want to do anything?  Oh that's right.  Probably has to do with those supporters.  Guess who!  Of course there comes a time when it just won't work anymore.

And now she's proving my suspicions to be correct -  she's falling along party lines.  Come on, folks.  There's nothing "non-partisan" about the Board of Education. 

All of these individuals, Brogan and Smith along with Linda and John, are proving that LCSS Board of Education is "Not for the children"!  It's for saving a Super's butt.

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