Monday, November 5, 2012

Listen Up, Citizen Journalists!

Take your cameras with you tomorrow to the polls.  Let's get the shenanigans on camera.  Maybe this call to action will thwart some things that are planned.  
 ***NOTE:  No cameras are allowed inside polling areas.  And stay within allowable distance outside.  Thanks.
Breitbart wants updates:

Tomorrow is Election Day and Breitbart News wants your help.  When you head to the polls to vote, send us reports of what you observe.

Are people are excited? Are the polls crowded? Are the lines long? Do you notice any shenanigans?

Send us a tip at our ELECTION TIP LINE (

Tell us:
1. Where you are, include your neighborhood/city/state.
2. Let us know what the environment is like, are people enthusiastic?
3. Tell us if you see any funny business.
Please include your name and/or twitter handle and we will post your report!

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