Friday, November 16, 2012

NOOOOOOO...Happy Now?

I'm going to say it and refuse to apologize for doing so:

You idiot union workers...losing permanent jobs is better than taking a wage cut?

Are you kidding me?  Ahhh that's right. Your sugar daddy, Obama, is going to take care of you.  Those evil Hostess executives.  They are so mean.

The greed is not in the 1%.  The strikers could have worked this out. 

Hostess files for bankruptcy, shuts down

 Hostess Brands Inc. filed for bankruptcy early Friday, announcing it will shut down operations and end production of the snack cakes known to generations of Americans.

The company said in a statement on its website that it will sell its assets, including the iconic Twinkie and Ding Dong brands. Bakery operations have been suspended at all plants, including one in Rocky Mount, following a weeklong strike by thousands of workers protesting 8 percent wage cuts and benefit concessions.

In its statement, Hostess said the strike “crippled the company’s ability to produce and deliver products at multiple facilities.”

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