Saturday, November 10, 2012

Really Thom Tillis?

The Charlotte ex-Mayor wins the Governorship.  And now there's talk about taxpayers being on the hook for a new Panther stadium?  Ok before I say it...NO I am going to say it:   This crap is not what we elected this leadership team for.  We need jobs that are not just temporary.  We need a business friendly environment to entice all businesses not just a chosen few.  So cut those taxes!  We need spending under control and fiscal responsibility in our schools.  We need accountability and please stop raiding from Peter to pay Paul.

And don't even think about this idea!  The Panthers can raise their own funds for a stadium.  I don't go and therefore I should not have to pay for it!  

Mike Stone...Ron Rabin...Pat McCrory...don't start out letting the legislature do this. Don't do it.  I have no qualms calling any of you out on this.

On Carolina Plott Hound:

FLICKR PHOTO: NC National Guard

Republicans bent on lower taxes and smaller government might be willing to huddle up and help fund renovations at the home of the Carolina Panthers. That’s the word from one of the most influential GOP politicians in the state: House Speaker Thom Tillis.

Tillis, who represents Cornelius, told me this week that he and other lawmakers have already been briefed on the NFL franchise’s need for a stadium makeover. And there may be a possibility for the state to assist with the planned renovations at the 16-year-old uptown stadium.

“Clearly, the economic impact of the Carolina Panthers is very well-documented,” Tillis said. “To get to a point where you could attract a Super Bowl and ensure (the future of the franchise here), we’re open to discussing that.”

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