Monday, November 5, 2012

Scenes from this Weekend!

 This was an awesome weekend.  My 50th ...celebrated in style with the ones I love (except at BOE).  Below are some pics I think are worth noting.

Saturday at BOE...a protester.  This lady tried to tell me Romney would throw back time.

That he and the Republicans don't care about immigrants, women, equal pay, healthcare, etc.

But on a good note she had on the back of her poster one thing the Republicans care about - 

a fetus!

You bet we do.  I argued with this misinformed individual that President Obama had total control of Congress for two years and did almost nothing to help her causes.  Her friend said it was because of the filibuster.  Uhhhh are you kidding me?  Total control -  filibusters won't matter. 
By the way, who is she?

Next, my 2nd best friend (Clark designated as the 1st - NOT!):

Doc Oldham...working hard for the Democrats...

Flying a plane over Lee county:

Scenes from the air:

Our patient and very polite pilot...Teddy at Dillion's Aviation..Jetport

 Last but not least...a scene from the evening....Memaw's Birthday cake!


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