Friday, November 2, 2012

Tatum's Tricks Should Keep Him Out of Raleigh

First, I can't believe the Herald endorsed Bill Tatum.  What a shame.  But that does fall in line with some things they've been writing in the paper lately.  They don't seem to be too fond of the Lee GOP down at St. Claire Court.  And the endorsement seems even stranger when you read the editorial at the end of this post.  

I came to know a few minutes ago that Mr. Tatum allegedly played a dirty trick yesterday while campaigning at the BOE.  

 A source told FBC that a teacher went to the Board of Elections to vote Thursday and she took a yellow conservative ballot. Bill Tatum allegedly didn't like it. So the next step he allegedly took was to call the principal and other folks who chastised the teacher!

Let's see the word stressed the most when my source was delivering the news was "reprimanded".  Are you kidding me?  For taking a conservative ballot?  How low can you go?   I didn't realize that once you become a LCSS employee part of the contract states, "You must vote with the Super and members of the LCSS school board regardless of  what your heart and mind says."  If it's in the contract, please tell me which paragraph. 

And it's not like we haven't heard these stories before.  No one comes forward because they fear they will lose their jobs.  Teachers and other employees should feel free to vote for whomever and do whatever in their private life.  See if the editorial below leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside or very concerned!  

Bill's alleged actions cost him at least one vote today thanks to the brave soul that stated she wouldn't vote for him due to her friend's incident the day before.   We also know that his followers will be hounding FBC and then deny, deny, deny.  That's just par for the course.
And  to that FBC says vote for someone who listens to all constituents.  In other words ....

Vote for Mike Stone for NC House 51!

Forget the Herald Endorsement.  Know the facts. Here's a link to the Sanford Herald Editorial mentioned above.  You decide. 

Editorial: Time for change atop school board

"Still, a broad sense of distrust the public has with the Lee County School System hasn’t diminished under his watch. The nature of the distrust is partly a function of past boards’ struggles to find and keep good superintendents, some betrayals (not worth rehashing here) and other nagging issues related to the persistent split the board seems to have, as well as the sense that good teachers are leaving the system in droves.

But Tatum’s reign — despite some real accomplishments in the schools — has only seemed to generate more distrust. His bullying tactics and gamesmanship won’t be missed....


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