Thursday, December 6, 2012

Benghazi: Not Going Away...

This news will infuriate most.   We've suspected all along arms were being funneled to extremists and were used against our 4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

Now no concrete evidence has been found yet that connects Libya to the arms sale...but it's sure suspicious:

New York Times: Arms Shipments ‘Secretly’ Approved by Obama Admin. Ended Up in Hands of Islamic Militants

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 10:10pm

The Obama administration “secretly” approved arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, however, U.S. officials quickly became concerned as evidence suggested Qatar was handing the weapons over to Islamic militants, The New York Times reports, citing a number of United States officials and foreign diplomats.

There is no evidence available that suggests the U.S.-approved weapons were involved in the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, which left four Americans dead on Sept. 11. But the revelation is sure to ignite speculation.

New York Times: Arms Shipments Secretly Approved by Obama Admin. Ended Up in Hands of Islamic Militants

More from The New York Times:
But in the months before, the Obama administration clearly was worried about the consequences of its hidden hand in helping arm Libyan militants, concerns that have not previously been reported. The weapons and money from Qatar strengthened militant groups in Libya, allowing them to become a destabilizing force since the fall of the Qaddafi government.

The experience in Libya has taken on new urgency as the administration considers whether to play a direct role in arming rebels in Syria, where weapons are flowing in from other countries.

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