Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boehner Has Changed...

Like I said on Facebook, I've had enough. Boehner is doing the Pelosi thing...kicking out those that don't fit the "establishment" mold. I'm not crazy over Walter Jones but following in the footsteps of the wicked witch of the West is atrocious!
 Yep they could pass as sisters or at least being from the same mold!
 Anyway, Boehner has changed.  He wouldn't have done this before.  Didn't the GOP get the message that excluding the Tea Party types (Walter Jones is NO TEA PARTY PATRIOT) but excluding them is treacherous:
 Speaker Boehner Removing Fiscal Conservatives From Committees
 Treacherous because RINOs will do exactly what  Walter Jones is threatening to do:  Vote with the enemy:  PelosiWill a true grown-up please stand up?
  Purged Conservatives Are Taking Aim at Leadership
Now it's coming out, via Breitbart, that the House GOP leadership wasn't even consulted on the raw deal Boehner proposed to King George.  Oh I mean President Obama.
 House GOP Not Consulted on Boehner's Budget Proposal
Are we going to sit by and accept this?  It's time for a revolution.  It's time to purge from within.  And if that makes you uneasy, good.  Change is not fun at first.   Change is needed within the GOP at all levels:  local, state, and national.  There are far too many status quo consultants.  Along with far too many scared individuals not willing to stand up and take a chance.  And they don't like it when Tea Party Patriots speak out and push conservatism.
 Whether they like it or not, true conservatism wins every time its tried.

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