Friday, December 21, 2012

The Smith Series...

Editor's Note:  As promised, this is the 5th edition of "The Smith Series".  The question below was proposed at the Herald/LEED PAC forum in October.  Commissioner Smith's answer to the questions will run every Wednesday and Friday until completed.

Intuitive Commentary by Lee Co's Newest Commissioner...Mr. Kirk Smith

Question # 7General Governance

In your estimation, please provide the percentage of the Evergreen Solution’s proposed $5.8 million in potential savings – which were detailed in the performance audit on Lee County Schools, and includes staffing and salary reductions, fee increases and changes in programs can realistically be achieved?  Please provide your percentage for the $8.7 million in potential savings for the Lee County Government that can be achieved? (%).

ANSWER:     The premise of the question stating staffing and salary reductions falsely implies cutting teaching positions, the staff reductions is attributed to the bureaucracy in Lee County Schools and the fee increases incorporate the wasteful “school lunch” program.  My estimation is to pursue 100% of the potential savings understanding that it will be biblical as there will be “howling, wailing, and gnashing of teeth!”   Any savings we can achieve will ultimately benefit an over-taxed citizenry.

Question # 8General Governance

What one thing are the governmental entities in Lee County NOT doing that if they started doing on a regular basis, would have the most significant positive impact on our county as a whole? (1 min.)
ANSWER: The distribution of the Sales Tax Revenue from per capita to ad valorem would allow county government to reduce property and fire tax rates for ALL Lee county citizens.    

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