Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LEED Brat Pac is Snooping Again...

Just received...those boys just have to be a part of everything!  There is a meeting tonight at the McSwain Center about the "interlocal agreement" between Sanford, Broadway and Lee County.   Note ...LEED Brat Pac had a hissy fit early last year and tried their darn best to annihilate Commissioner Womack.  Now, they want to be his best buddy?  Shame!

Meeting is at 6.  Attend if you can.  This blogger can't be there but that doesn't mean somebody's not filling in for me! 

Hey if you do go..get somebody to ask what our Mayor thinks should happen to county residents...she apparently made some comments at an Employee Appreciation Dinner that don't make our "self nominating" mayor seem so nice! She's a bit PO at the county commissioners.  What else is new?

Back to those LEED  boys and girls... They are like nosey neighbors.  Just can't leave well-enough alone and stay away.  Nope, Mann and company have to be in the midst!  Oh my, what would Sanford be without our elitists who know what's best for us?

Anyway...here's an email Chet Mann sent and a letter he wants read tonight.   Why don't the LEED Brat Pac boys show up and read it themselves?   I mean..there's supposedly a time for public commenting.  Even though his letter says there may not be.  Follow those boys and it won't take long before you know how special they think they are! 

Go figure.  The letter is four pages long!  They not only are nosey but long-winded!

----- Original Message -----
From: Chet Mann
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 11:53 AM
Subject: Public request for InterLocal Meeting tonight

Dear Bonnie,
                Hello and greetings.  Would you please see the attached letter originally designed as a public comment and forward it to the City Council members in regards to their joint meeting with the County tonight.  This letter addresses our desire to see positive cooperation and healthy negotiations to the benefit of all tax payers both City and County as it pertains to Inter Local Agreements. 

                If you would  forward the attached letter we are prepared to hand delivery a hard copy of the original Government Study Document  from 1989 to you this afternoon for the Council’s review.  There will be  a packet for each Council Member with a copy of the letter enclosed. Unfortunately, the document itself is too large to email.  If any Councilmen so desires we would be happy to be recognized by him or her and speak to the contents of the study and the public desire to see the agreements continue.  We were under the impression that public comments would be allowed but have since learned that the agenda did not allow for any public comments.

                If any questions please feel free to call.  Thank you so much for your help at this late notice.


Chet Mann
Letter to the city and county representatives.  Click on the link to read the full letter.  


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