Friday, January 11, 2013

My Reply to Ms. Irene

So I got in on the fun and wrote a letter to the Herald responding to Ms. Irene.

If you choose to read her letter first, and you should, follow this link:

My Letter below was published in Thursday's Herald but on a separate page. 


Here she goes again.  Ms. Irene Smith’s reply to Kirk Smith and her views on gun control are absurd.  She's living in a pretend utopian world where crime doesn't exist.  I suggest she should read more than the Herald’s editorial page.

Also, should Ms. Irene read the bills being put forward, she might come to the conclusion that the "gun law" proponents are including such items as small revolvers and other handguns. My revolver holds 5 bullets.  According to ultra-liberals Senator Diane Feinstein, Piers Morgan, VP Biden, and President Obama, that's an assault weapon.

By the way, Ms. Irene, crime happens here in Lee County too.  Just the other night, a stranger was walking in my neighborhood with a flashlight after 11 pm.  I saw him when I stepped out on my porch.  After hearing me tell my dog to get in the house, he clicked the flashlight off and hid. 
I seriously  doubt that person "just wanted to chat". Ms. Irene seems to propose the "mystery gentleman" would have turned away if I smiled and asked him to do so. Right!

When the awesome Sanford police force came, I let them know had that person tried to break into my house, he would have met my new friend sitting on my sofa..Mr. 38 Special. 

I am sick of the cheap talk that law abiding citizens shouldn't be able to defend themselves.  Sometimes, you can’t wait for the police or you'll die.  And that's exactly why I wanted one.  I spend time on the range and I know the law. My new friend has yet to jump out of its holster or march across a room and pull its trigger without my approval. 

When liberals start the gun control talk, it's not about assault weapons.  It's about limiting the rights of the American citizens. The left has been dreaming of it for years.  An unarmed citizenry is ripe for takeover by a tyrannical government, domestic or foreign.  It's happened all through history.

The answer is not "gun control".  It's "heart control".  And no anti-gun law will ever fix that problem.

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