Friday, February 15, 2013

As the Debate Continues...

As the debate on firearms control mounts, I’d like to offer my two cents in support of the President’s and Senator Feinstein’s proposals to ban certain firearms and magazines along with registering firearm owners. Certainly it is reasonable that the right to own a firearm is not absolute any more than the right to free speech allows someone to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.  Think about it, should any man be permitted to own a nuclear submarine, aircraft carrier or ICBM even if he could afford one? Heck no! 

Since shooting a firearm and shooting off your mouth in a crowded theater are both illegal,  firearms and the use of the word “fire” outside a theater should be banned. I realize that may seem drastic to some, but like the President explained if it saves just one life then it is a reasonable and responsible measure and, as a bonus it gets rid of those scary-looking rifles too.

Other measures worth considering:

1. It is well known that bullying among school children has increased many-fold. In fact one child took her own life after a torrent of bullying on facebook. The reasonable and responsible thing to do is force all users of  facebook and other multi-media (twitter, internet blogs and letters to the editor for example) to register for a communication permit with FCC.  Fingerprints would be required as well as a voice print. Can’t be too careful you know.

2. All my progressive friends know that religion is often the historical root of war. To prevent violence members of any church should register with the federal government for a worship permit. This certainly seems reasonable. Churches don’t just spring up on their own. They need land with registered deeds and roads paid for by taxes and government building permits. If it keeps a religious war from breaking out in America its worth a bit of inconvenience, don’t you think?

3. Just as lobbying groups and their employees are registered with the federal government in order to present grievances, Americans wishing to speak at town halls or write letters to their representative in congress should be registered. This reasonable and responsible measure will ensure that each American’s voice is heard regardless of how dumb the idea is and will drastically reduce foreign influence in congress.  It may even reduce the amount of time congress stays in session. 

Of course this is just a short list of the many ways in which our government can care for and in a safe, reasonable and responsible way, ensure that every American is provided the same level of protection against the abuse of all the freedoms we hold dear. While utopia may seem like light years away, by enacting laws or quicker yet through executive order we’ll all be a step closer to the day when every citizen can feel safe in their homes, businesses and schools knowing that the federal government is keeping a close watch over America.

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