Friday, February 8, 2013

So It's Ok to Kill Americans?

Dang hypocrites!  When Bush was in office, the left tarred and feathered him over the Patriot Act.  They wanted to impeach him over water boarding...a technique used against our enemies.  Which by the way never killed innocent citizens.  Drone strikes have.

But where does the left stand when Americans are the target?  I never thought I would live to see the day when the parties in power would deliberately target Americans.  Well the wait is over.  We find out this week that the Obama White House and Justice Department believe they can use drones on Americans.  Yea...kill you and me if they deem we are "dangerous". 

Here's a link to the memo that was leaked:  Click here
I better find out if I am dangerous before I walk the dog one morning and see one of those drones hovering above the trees.  So let's see... I have a gun (Strike 1).  I am a conservative (Strike 2).  I'm a blogger who speaks out against them (Strike 3).  There you go.  I'm dangerous!  

Isn't it amazing how adamant they are that this action is necessary for our protection, but they didn't give a crap what the drones were watching in Benghazi - murders of Americans.  You'd think they would use drones at the border.  But that would be inhumane to target their voting block.  Wouldn't it?  Makes my stomach turn!

One more comment:  I thought Al Qaeda was finished.  Biden said.."Bin Ladin dead.  GM alive."  Go figure!

White House, Justice officials defend drone program after release of memo

The White House and Justice Department on Tuesday adamantly defended the administration's authority to use unmanned drones to kill terror operatives -- even if those operatives are U.S. citizens -- following the release of a controversial memo on the program.

President Obama's advisers are also trying to tamp down concerns about the targeted killings ahead of the confirmation hearing Thursday for CIA director nominee John Brennan -- the counter-terrorism adviser and drone-program supporter who has come under criticism from Democrats.
Pressed repeatedly about the complicated constitutional and legal questions raised by the targeted killing of Americans, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that the president takes those issues "very seriously."

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