Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whistles, Pens and Bodily Fluids

Question:  How can a woman protect herself from violent attacks and/or sexual assaults?

Answer:  According to the article below, women can protect themselves with whistles, pens, bodily fluids, call boxes, the buddy system, faking illness or disease or pregnancy, crying, or acting emotionally unstable. 

I don't know who actually wrote the policies at UCCS which is the university named in the article I linked to above, but I somehow doubt it was a woman.  And it leaves me wondering what the policies are at other universities across the country.

In January 2012, a study showed that 18.3% of women over 18 report being sexually assaulted in their lifetime.   Rape More Common Than Smoking in the US

 I assure you that many sexual assaults go unreported, so this percentage is low. Several studies show that the incidence of reported rape on college campuses is about 25%.  Yet, college campuses remain gun-free, and the female students are told to use the 'methods' above to protect themselves, all seemingly to be in the name of keeping a woman from shooting someone who maybe isn't really threatening them. 

It is insulting to insinuate than a woman does not have enough sense to know if she is being threatened or not. Besides, if you asked any woman who has been raped about using whistles, pens, bodily fluids, call boxes. etc to stop the attacker, she would probably laugh at you.  Call me a feminist in this case if you want to, but the men named in this article have about as much business telling a woman how to fend of a sexual assault as they do telling a woman in back labor that the pain is simply a part of the natural process of having a baby, and she just needs to breathe through it.

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