Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Education's Nanny State...

 Seriously, folks?   I thought our "educators" were the smartest people in the world!  You know, since Jeff Moss came to Lee Co, we have the the highest graduation rate, all of our 6-8 graders read above grade level, seniors are welcomed to bring paring knives to school, and daddy can't wait to give 3rd grade classrooms more money to help with EOG testing. So what gives?  There's some ocean front property in Arizona for sale if you believe this.

The answer is No! ...I will not apologize for the sarcasm.  So don't tell me to.

But seriously?  Flapjacks are weapons?  What school did they attend?  What handbook is this lunatic ruling from?  Read this article.  And the comments below it.  One hit the nail on the head:  Just wait until they figure out the letter "L" looks like a gun!

Go take some medicine because your head will be shaking so much your neck will hurt after reading this:

British School Bans Triangle Shaped Pastries As Weapons

 Sandwell News: A school's decision to ban triangular flapjacks after a pupil was hurt has been labelled "half-baked" by the Health and Safety Executive. It follows an incident at Castle View School in Canvey Island, Essex, when a boy was hit in the face by a flapjack. Catering staff at the school have been told only to serve square or rectangular flapjacks...
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Is your neck hurting yet? The lunacy and invasion into our children's lives doesn't stop there.  Now they are on the march to build databases, share the data (without parental knowledge) and track our kids like they were under house arrest or something.

So by registering our kids, will they be able to deny them the freedoms we hold dear today?  Like purchasing guns later in life?  What if the kid is like a basketball star that just played in the NCAA tournament?  He was thrown in a class of Special Ed kids.  But a principal saw something in him, put him in regular classes, and now he's on the path to graduation with a college degree.  Wow.  He sure wasn't viewed a star or "graduate" material when he was a kid.  No, but lucky for him, someone saw something.  And felt this kid could do better.  And inspired him.  What a novel idea...inspire a kid! 
 But if they peg a kid like that as "abnormal" in some database somewhere (because we all know liberals are perfectly right every time..ha ha), then that kid may not have had a chance to live a normal life. 

Education Dept. helps leak students' personal data

March 21, 2013 | Modified: March 21, 2013 at 7:09 pm

States and schools are signing over private data from millions of students to companies and researchers who hope to glean secrets of the human mind.

Nine states have sent dossiers on students —including names, Social Security numbers, hobbies, addresses, test scores, attendance, career goals, and attitudes about school —to a public-private database, according to Reuters. Standardized tests are beginning to incorporate psychological and behavioral assessment. Every state is also building databases to collect and share such information among agencies and companies, and the U.S. Department of Education has recently reinterpreted federal privacy laws so that schools and governments don’t have to tell parents their kids’ information has been shared.

Promises of researchers’ and governments’ good intentions are not enough to justify this, especially when tax dollars are involved and government entities are helping invade students’ privacy without parents’ or even school officials’ knowledge.

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