Thursday, March 21, 2013

Government Lunacy!

Let me get this straight.  White House tours are cancelled because of the sequester.  Marines die because of the sequester.  Harry Reid actually made that absurd claim yesterday.  Our soldiers are facing cuts. 

But we find money to give to our enemies, Egypt ($250 million), for Moochelle's birthday party and to waste on "green energy".  Just how stupid do they think we are?

Taxpayer-backed solar firm faces layoffs, shakeup just months after opening

When Solyndra went bankrupt and cost taxpayers up to $530 million, the Obama administration's green energy loan program was subjected to congressional hearings and became an election-year issue. Now, another solar panel company may be headed for a similar fate.

SoloPower, which makes thin-film solar panels at a new plant in Portland, Ore., opened Sept. 27 with an upbeat ribbon-cutting ceremony. Local and state politicians gushed about the company eventually operating four production lines and creating 450 well-paid green jobs.

Just a few months later, those predictions, and SoloPower's future, are on shaky ground.
The first production line was never completed. In January, the company had a round of layoffs. SoloPower won't say how many of its 60 employees received pink slips.


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