Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Armed Citizens Deter Crime...

Well, that is if you don't live in Chicago!  That's because Chicago not only has very strict gun laws but they also have incompetent leaders who constantly restrict law abiding citizens' rights and let the thugs do whatever.  Proof is in the pudding..or should I say "the homicide rate"?

Interesting though that even cops know they can't be everywhere.  Therefore, allowing citizens to conceal carry and exercise their 2nd amendment rights will save lives!  

Police Poll: Armed Citizens, not Gun Control, Will Lower Violent Crime

In a poll conducted by PoliceOne, a majority of law enforcement personnel said universal background checks, "assault weapons" bans, and "high capacity" magazine bans do not make police safer and will not lower violent crime. Armed citizens, on the other hand, do make a positive difference.

In the poll of 15,000 law enforcement professionals, 71% of respondents said an "assault weapons" ban would have zero impact on violent crime. Of those surveyed, 95.7% said the same of a "high capacity" magazine ban, and 79.7% said the same in response to a question on universal background checks.

Over 90% of these law enforcement professionals said "mandatory sentences with no plea bargains" for those who use a gun in perpetrating a crime would reduce violent crime.

When asked if they supported concealed carry laws for citizens without a felony in their past, 91.3% of respondents answered "yes" on "without question and without further restrictions."

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