Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lee County school board doesn't need to have its finger in this pie

     NC House Bill 512, which was filed on Tuesday (April 2) by Rep. Mike Stone, is a reasonable step toward narrowing the focus of the Lee County Board of Education.  Currently, Central Carolina Community Colleges' Board of Trustees is appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Lee, Harnett and Chatham Counties, the Lee County Board of Education and the governor's office.  Bill 512 "would eliminate all of the [Lee County] school board's power to appoint and would give it to the Lee County Commissioners" according to Sanford Herald writer Will Doran.

     By removing the Board of Ed's participation in these appointments, the Board of Ed will have one less task to contend with.  This will give them more time to work on improving the schools of Lee County, which is what they were elected to do. 

     Something else to think about, too.  Why does the Lee County Board of Education have a say in CCCC's Board of Trustees, but the Boards of Education for Chatham County and Harnett County do not?  Chatham and Harnett are also partners in CCCC, yet they have no say about the Board of Trustees.  The answer is  simple.  County Boards of Education need to concentrate on the public schools in their respective counties, not get involved in collegiate education in their counties. 

     The Herald had an article on each Thursday and Friday (April 4 and 5) about this bill.  Here are links so you can read them for yourself.  The second talks about what Stone sees as a conflict of interest with the Bd of Education appointing trustees for CCCC which I did not discuss in this blogpost.

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