Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No to Meals on Wheels, but Yes to China and Russia

        Wednesday food service at the Lee County Enrichment Center, Wednesday's Meals on Wheels delivery, and the center's ramp-building projects will cease on May 15, 2013.  Why?  The sequester, of course.  How much money are we talking about here?  A measly $12,000. (see second link below)

        Why, oh why, must deserving Americans have their federal aid cut when we send billions of dollars to nearly every country on the planet, including the ones who don't like us (see first link below), while places like the Enrichment Center have to cut services due to a lack of just $12,000?

        The short answer is because the sequester was written that way on purpose.  The idea was to make the sequester so distasteful to both Republicans and Democrats that one side would blink and give in.  Neither side did.  So we Americans are stuck with the required sequester cuts to our social programs and military (the 'babies' of the two parties).  Other cuts have been made, too, but cuts to these 'babies' were supposed to make someone say 'Uncle'.

        Enrichment Center Director Debbie Davidson is helping those affected by the cuts to contact Renee Ellmers, Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, the three congressmen for Lee County.  Good idea, but I hope those aren't just calls to request more money since that will likely lead to more taxes down the road.  Instead Ellmers, Hagan and Burr need to be reminded that when budget cuts are made (and face it, they must be made), the cuts should be made in foreign aid, not in programs that take care of Americans who are truly in need.  We all need to call our congressmen about this actually.

        Director Davidson also says that the state provided 'a little extra funding' and that 'private donors have also stepped up' to support some other Enrichment Center events in danger of cancellation.  Fantastic!  (Seriously fantastic!  I am not being sarcastic here.)  The Enrichment Center, and other entities like it, should be supported by state and local governments, businesses, and private citizens and organizations.  Right now would be a good time for businesses, private citizens and organizations to support the Enrichment Center.  They only need $12,000. 

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