Friday, May 24, 2013

Blaming the Bloggers...AGAIN!

Here we go again...The President blames domestic terrorism on the Internet.  In other words, he blames it on bloggers, Drudge, know, the usual suspects.

Wouldn't it be nice if he blamed it on "Evil", as in Satan, for once? Wait, no he can't.  Because that's not in the agenda that destroys conservatism and the bad guy called "capitalism".  But after all, he is said to be the  "Messiah', 'The One', the smartest man on earth...Who are we to question him? 

Obama: Increase in domestic terrorism fueled by Internet

During his foreign policy speech Thursday afternoon, President Obama warned that domestic terrorism would increase in the modern age of the Internet.

“[T]his threat is not new,” Obama said. “But technology and the Internet increase its frequency and lethality.”
Obama warned Americans that materials on the Internet could influence people to commit terrorist acts
“Today, a person can consume hateful propaganda, commit themselves to a violent agenda and learn how to kill without leaving their home,” he said.
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