Friday, May 10, 2013

Boom Boom's Gonna Run For Office Again...

5/10-UPDATED due to code issue.

What else could bring this man out on the street to protest the NC GOP Legislators call for reform to NC's school system?  

Boom Boom is being a classic "Democrat".  He's using the populace by scaring them to pieces all the while knowing the voters are too lazy to go look up what "really has been going on". Same old stuff.  Different day. 

When Bobby was State Superintendent, in a galaxy far away to low info voters, NC's school system wasn't exactly #1, not even in the top 40, in the nation.  His party reigned and partied for 118 years.  They didn't put us on the map. And here we are many, many years later, at the same level or so?  Bob...the GOP has only had less than 3 years!  Your party had 118!  

Yea, Boom Boom has "DC on his mind" like James Taylor has "Carolina" on his.

Bobby, retire.  Shut up.  Go farm something.  Get over your loss.  Hey, maybe Bobby can make youtube videos! Oh he already has!


Etheridge sounds alarm over education reform efforts

Former Congressman Bob Etheridge said Friday that Republican-led efforts to reform North Carolina schools will only hurt students and teachers.

Etheridge, a former state education superintendent, led a rally at Green Hope Park in Cary that he said was meant to sound an alarm and build opposition to bills winding their way through the General Assembly that would eliminate about 3,000 teaching assistants statewide, change eligibility requirements for North Carolina's pre-kindergarten program, allow state funds to pay for private school tuition and remove the cap on class sizes in elementary schools.

"Education reform is just another code word for cut, slash and burn," Etheridge said. "It's time for action. We cannot allow this to continue for our children. Make no mistake, our commitment to public education is on a downward trend."

People held up signs at the rally noting that North Carolina ranks 48th nationally in per-student spending – far below neighboring states – and 46th nationwide in teacher pay.
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