Saturday, June 22, 2013

Food Network was wrong

Some celebrities do rude things...thoughtless things...and downright stupid things.  And they apologize...some sincerely (like David Letterman) and some not so sincerely (like Charlie Sheen).  

Paula Deen used inappropriate language.  Anyone her age, or mine, who grew up in the South (or a lot of other places in the U.S.) heard that word being used by the adults around them.  It was common talk, as were many other racial slurs.  Most of us, though, have matured beyond that and removed those words from our vocabulary along with expletives we commonly used before we had parroting toddlers in our homes.  

People slip, though.  I did just about a week ago.  After heavy rains, my daughter went downstairs to check the sump pump.  What she found was a rather large snake meandering around in the basement looking for a way out.  We sat on the basement steps for a time while I used my cell phone to capture the snake's activity in hopes of gauging its size.  As we sat there, our cat decided he was interested in what we were doing.  When I realized the cat was on the steps, I muttered an I removed from my vocabulary many moons ago.  I slipped.  I apologized to my daughter and we proceeded on with me filming the snake and her relocating the cat.  Case closed.

Paula Deen has admitted it, explained it and apologized for it.  Food Network should have accepted her apology and let it go.  Instead their PC police decided it was best to let her go.  I wonder if Food Network will be sorry they did when they are flooded with emails and lose viewers over this.  

Nancy Vest


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