Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"31" And Counting!

Every year on this day (31 July), I get to stop and reflect on my life, my marriage, and my world.  This one is no different.  Today is my "31" anniversary to that boy.  That boy who was the first one to ever hold a door for this girl.  That boy who reached in his sock and pulled out my ring after I found the receipt in that blue Dodge Dart.  Ha ..He'll probably kill me for saying that.  But those are memories you have to look back on after 31  years!

So this day I celebrate the man I married.  And I celebrate another "boy" that came in and stole my heart!  And  I don't want it back.  He's my sugarbear.  I have had so much fun watching that kid grow up.  My house has turned into a "Lego" shrine. Toys on the floor don't matter.  If the frig is bare, who cares as long as sugarbear has Legos and Chicken Nuggets!  That's a Memaw's right.  And no one will take that away!

This year's been joyful and tearful.  Another era begins with my precious grandson starting school.  I can't believe he's that old.  But he is.  And it means another era for Memaw and Pa. As you can tell, my world revolves around him.  And that's just fine with me.  

But like any other anniversary, there's a song that comes in my heart and I sing it all day long. I love Tim McGraw's  "My Next 30 Years". Every year when my anniversary rolls around,  it makes me smile...Because I get to look forward to not "30" but "31" more...

My next 30 years...gonna have some fun
Gonna take stock and laugh about all the crazy things I've done
Gonna love a little more and Cry a little less
Realize that my life has truly been blessed.

Here's a video with Tim:

One last thing before I close – Happy 31st Dean.

I love you, Pa!

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