Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Comics...Democrats not in Control!

My my...maybe the Democrat Party ought to revisit history...

They are crying fowl at the very thing they imposed on us for 118 years here in NC. If memory serves me correctly, it was Miss Dumpling herself who broke the tie of the lottery vote at 2 am one morning! "Oh yes we will wait for that sick Republican to come back."  NOT!

It's mainly the Democrats who put senseless amendments to major bills all the time (RINOs do it too).  Can you say "Teapot Museum" for $250,000?  Who do they think they are?  Moral people!  

Yes, after all it's called "Moral Mondays" where these poor wretched souls cry that babies should be killed whenever they are partially born!  That is if they can make it that far.   It's these poor wretched people out on the Legislature's lawn cussing out our Governor.  It's those poor wretched people crying "Boo hoo".  

Thanks to you Dems for the comic relief today!  I really need it.

From WRAL.COM...

Lack of transparency always a hallmark of NC legislature

Abortion debates in the General Assembly the last two weeks have been as much about the legislative process as about the content of the divisive proposals.
Democrats have repeatedly cried foul during the six-month session, saying the Republican majorities in the House and Senate are circumventing public debate by introducing bills with little notice, if any, and using their numerical advantage to push them through the chambers quickly.
"They simply are imposing their will," said Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland.

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