Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Should Moral Monday be changed to “Money Monday”?

Should Moral Monday be changed to “Money Monday”?
By: Jonathan Gonia

It seems that the Rev. William Barber has another motive for the Moral Monday protests. It seems that while he is protesting the cutting of unemployment benefits, passing of voter ID, the anti- abortion bill, and the budget, it all could be a smoke screen for what he is really mad about. I have found that Barber has received over $1 million in government funds over the last few years. Yes, you heard that right. He has been sitting at not only the Golden Corral buffet, but the taxpayer buffet also. He received 565k from the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services for a child nutrition program, and even Ray Charles could see where that money has been going and it’s not to starving children.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I think we should also be asking what happened to the 245k that he was given from the NC Dept. of Public Safety, for a “Support our Students” program. 
 Here is a complete list of payouts by the state for Barber’s programs:

Child Nutrition Programs-Dept. of Health and Human Services   
Support Our Students- Dept. of Public Safety    
Dropout Prevention Grant- Dept. of Public Instruction  
Econ Dev & Capacity Building- NC Rural Center  
Capacity Building (Jan 2013)- NC Community Dev. Initiative         
Misc- Not named for purpose or where from.
Tentative Total=$1,159,732

It appears that "Big Bill the Buffet Slayer" and his cronies have other motives for these protest. I think we as taxpayers should be enraged and we should be asking questions as to what this money was used for. In a time of reconstruction that NC is in right now this should be a big deal. Is he keeping “Moral Monday” up because he is upset that with Republican controlled government and that he can’t get the handouts that he was used too?  I would say so.  How can special-interest groups be granted this kind of money with no record of how it’s spent? It seems like the Rev had a pipeline straight to the taxpayer’s dollars and this should not be taken lightly.We should be asking how many children did this money help feed? How many students were supported? How many did he prevent from dropping out of school? Or was he lining his own pockets?

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MTB said...

Right on the money, sir......we need further research to ascertain how Mr. Barber is bleeding us...meaning, how does he get those tax dollars allocated to this purpose....an unbiased audit an investigation into similar "pork", excuse the pun, spending our state has allowed to remain underneath the notice of several oversight committees or perhaps even their lack of desire to curb said projects....these dollars add up over a relatively short period of time...I believe this would be a worthwhile endeavor to embark upon....that is, if we can drive through and tolerate the race "trump" card that is sure to be played by the left....any grou that challenges their funding and the public finance of similar groups will without a doubt be labeled bigots and racists......the real questions are now,...Are we ready to go to political war with these groups for our tax dollars back, and if so, do we have the fortitude to pursue defunding unnecessary spending that an investigation may uncover? do we have the juducial stamina to prosecute any embezzlement of tax dollars we are almost certain to find? these are questions to ponder as we prepare ourselves to seek justice and truth....MTB...

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