Thursday, August 8, 2013

MLK Has to Be Turning Over In His Grave

Seriously, do these black elitists have nothing more to do than shout "racism" at every whim? For goodness sake, Oprah, you're not liked by everyone and not everyone is impressed with you.  Get over it!  Oprah, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Rangel..these plus many more have done more to divide America based on the color of one's skin than to unite. That's a true racist.  They do not represent what MLK meant when he said "I Have a Dream."  Color of one's skin has nothing to do with character unless you let it.  


Oprah Winfrey's conception of what constitutes racism is strangely egocentric.

An assistant at a designer store in Switzerland did not recognize her and ignored her, so Winfrey assumed with her worldwide fame the incident reflected a racist attitude from the clerk. Winfrey related the incident when she spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Paula Deen's recent loss of work following her admission that she had used the N-word.

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