Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bonds Pass

As a resident of Sanford, I am just speechless.  If you know me, you know that's an oddity.  Does anybody care that the unemployment rate in our county is high?  Higher than the national average too!  Read the Sunday before last report by Will Doran.  To those who are low info voters...The county includes city residents.  

But the money grabber, spend thrift boys and girls on the City Council got their wish:

Greenway Bond

Yes: 1,175 (50.54%)
No: 1,151 (49.46%)

Streetscape Bond
Yes: 1,236 (52.84%)
No: 1,103 (47.16%)

Sidewalk Bond
Yes: 1,325 (56.65%)
No: 1,014 (43.35%)

Parks and Recreation Bond
Yes: 1,307 (55.78%)
No: 1,036 (44.22%)

(from Sanford Herald)

Sanford City residents will see higher taxes.  But that' ok...you can take your kids for a nice walk to take their mind off their hungry tummies.  Make sure you write a thank you note to Sam Gaskins...who is the guy that petitioned the bond referendums be on the primary ballot instead of the General election.  Anybody want to guess why?  

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