Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hypocrisy on "Sanford Matters"!

I ventured out this morning to Sandra's Bakery.  Per the wish of yesterday's birthday boy.  If you haven't tried Sandra's, you're missing out.  Grab a cream filled donut with a cup of Fresh Brew and your day will be marvelous!  I'm on a sugar high as I write this!

When I was leaving, I started noticing the "YES SANFORD MATTERS" light blue signs posted in several businesses like Dossenbach's (LEED Brat Pac participant), Stanley's, Added Accents, etc.

I thought to myself....how about that?  Downtown Sanford businesses were appalled that the city council had tagged them with a business privilege tax several years back.  But now that the burden  is on the back of the taxpayers, and not the businesses directly, it must be ok.  That's hypocrisy!

And no it isn't ok.  Mr. Dossenbach and others, my family matters before Sanford matters. Putting food on the table, paying my electric bill, phone bill, gas in my car, etc, are what matters.  But to you LEED Pac boys and girls, you could care less about the citizens.  As long as they  get a pat on the back from Poly, Sam, Cornelia, Rebecca, JD, Jimmy and Walter, and keep their power, that's all they care about. 

So here we go again...boycott time!   I can buy furniture, candles, play things for my grandson, household items, etc just as much in Cary as in Sanford. And you know what? They have great restaurants too.   What business in their right mind would come here when every time you turn around the City Council raises water rates, property taxes, sales taxes, etc?  

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