Friday, September 27, 2013

My Declaration of Independence!

As of yesterday,  my political party affiliation is NO AFFILIATION.  I can't take it anymore.  I can't take the Republican party compromising with the Democrats.  I can't take them eating their own.  I can't take them going to DC and forgetting who sent them there and why.  
And this is coming from last year's Republican Women's President.  I love the ladies I worked with.  They are precious.  But it's half-time America and this game must be won. There's no more time for fumbling.

My heart is for America.  And she is hurting and needs saving.  However, both political parties seem more interested in re-election than the republic!   Party affiliation doesn’t matter if America is hurting, boys and girls.

Where are the statesmen with guts and nerves of steel? Ones who stand on principle, cherish their country, and defend her at all costs, especially a political future?  

Now let me clarify, the NC Legislators are worthy of praise. Senator Rabin and Representative Stone have stood their ground.  They have endured the harsh and constant attacks from the left.  But they did what they said they would do.  They listened.  I am proud of them and will do everything in my power to help them get re-elected, as well as our local Republican leaders and candidates.  The NC Dems had 118 years to make NC’s economy be the best.  They failed. Rabin and Stone have put us back on the right track.

But on the national level, only a few great conservatives are listening.  Most of Congress has deaf ears and is getting paid to make legislation that makes our lives miserable.  The American people overwhelmingly do not want Obamacare. It’s killing jobs and breaking our economy.  And it isn’t even implemented yet.  Even the Democrat who wrote the bill calls it a train wreck.  Surely we can find solutions that don’t give the IRS access to our bank accounts and a bureaucracy the right to say who lives and who dies!  And surely if Obamacare is good enough for Congress to ram it down our throat, it's good enough for them to be forced on it.  Surely!

Still, the Washington Republican establishment refuses to embrace grassroots and true conservatism. They call us radical.  They believe we are what is wrong with the party and vow to discredit us.  But they are the ones who cower and embrace the opposition at every angle because of fear.  And how dare conservatives not tow the line and stand up for the American people like Senator Cruz did?   

For months, I’ve been disheartened.  It's taken me a long time to get the nerve to stop hoping for common sense to return to the GOP, and stand my ground and separate.  I simply can't take the DC Republicans eating their own and not embracing new ideas and solutions.  Karl Rove, John McCain, and others publicly ridiculed Ted Cruz.  Well they might as well have done that to me.  I am Ted Cruz.  I have no problem stating the truth.  And pursuing it. I would have stood right beside Ted yesterday.   But after watching how they and the media treated Senator Cruz yesterday for doing exactly what he was sent to DC to do,   I finally said enough. 

They can fight for my vote now.  After all, all we hear in the media is how important the Independent vote is.  Now, we’ll just see if those words are true.

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