Friday, September 20, 2013

Will She, Won't She?

Ellmers seems to be talking out of both sides of her mouth.  I heard she stated recently that defunding Obamacare with the Continuing Resolution was wrong.  And that she wouldn't vote for it.

Now I see this...So will she or won't she?  If she's working for the American people and not her political career, she will.  

Ellmers, GOP leaders work to defund Obamacare, 

announce alternative

On Capitol Hill, conservatives including North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers are making a major push to pull funding for Obamacare
The Affordable Care Act has been controversial from the outset, and now some opponents are talking about using the federal budget as leverage to do away with the law.
It's an idea supported by the entire Republican delegation in North Carolina, including Ellmers.
Wednesday, Ellmers and other Republicans introduced an alternative to Obamacare.
"We are now only days away from the implementation of Obamacare. But just last month, the administration announced another delay - this time in the implementation of cost savings for consumers," said Ellmers. "With the decisions to delay the law's implementation, the Obama administration is now conceding that this is not just a problem, but a nightmare for the U.S. economy. That's why today I'm happy to announce that we have a legislative answer that will repeal and replace Obamacare through the American Health Care Reform Act."
Their plan would first repeal the law then puts a new one in place. One they say allows purchases of health insurance across state lines, enables small businesses to pool insurance, expands health savings accounts, and safeguards pre-existing conditions.  

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