Friday, January 24, 2014

Kay: Are you Happy Now?

How do you react to this?  Our own Senator has not only helped to cripple the economy and job hopes of many citizens with her vote for Obamacare, but now Moody has downgraded our healthcare industry ratings.

Yea, Kay should be proud.  She's getting exactly what she and her buddy, Mr. O want.

Moody's slashes outlook on insurers, cites Obamacare 'uncertainty'

By Philip Klein | JANUARY 23, 2014 AT 11:37 AM
Credit ratings firm Moody's Investors Service on Thursday lowered its outlook for health insurers to "negative" from "stable," citing "uncertainty" swirling around the rollout of President Obama's health care law.

In a new report, the agency said that the outlook for insurance companies is no longer clear because the law's insurance exchanges haven't been attracting enough younger individuals. In addition, Moody's analysts were concerned that the Obama administration has been changing regulations after insurers had already set prices for the year.

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