Thursday, January 16, 2014

Traitors...Lee Co. Board of Education Strikes Again!

Well, those of you who are friends with Cameron Sharpe and Wendy Hughes (Mark Akinosho has already turned), please call and ask them to go true to their roots...switch to the Democrat party.  Explain to me please how a Pastor can leave a party for life for one that denied God three times on national TV and supports killing kids!!  Amazing!

Anyway, our local school board is nothing but a bunch of elitists.  They know what's better for your child than  you do.  They are all knowledgeable, all caring, and more intelligent than the parents. 

Hogwash!  Thank you Cameron and Wendy for not believing the parents should CHOOSE where their kids can get the best education!  So much for representation!!

In the Sanford Herald article BOE member Tamara Brogan, good old nanny Tamara, states this:

“There’s no standards,” Brogan said. “There’s no accountability whatsoever. ... [Students] could be going into these schools, and we just don’t know what kind of education they’re getting.”

Coining a Hillary "It takes a Village" Clinton, what fracking difference does it make to you, Ms. Brogan?  Who died and made you a royal to rule over my kids and grandkids?  I know my child better than you do, Tamara. 

Another quote from the Herald's article...Lee BOE enters voucher lawsuit:

"The board unanimously voted to join a lawsuit on the side of the N.C. School Boards Association (NCSBA) and others against the state and certain state departments. All legal costs reportedly will be paid by the NCSBA."

 In other words, YOU and ME are paying for this liberal board and the state to fight YOU AND ME! Will it ever end?  Lee Co is corrupt.

Read more of this total disregard for parents and the nanny state of Lee Co BOE:


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