Monday, January 27, 2014

Who Believes Peace is Possible?

Negotiate peace with the Taliban!  Right.  Never going to happen.   How can you do that when the Taliban beheads your soldiers, rapes your women, and kills if you dare support Israel? 

Karzai to US: Negotiate Peace with Taliban or Leave

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told reporters on Saturday that unless the U.S. restarts peace talks with the Taliban, he will not sign the pending security pact between Kabul and Washington.

The pact, known as the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), would pave the way for U.S. military presence in Afghanistan after 2014 when the U.S./NATO-led combat mission ends.

"Afghanistan will absolutely not accept or sign anything under pressure," Karzai said during a press conference in Kabul, AFP reported.

"If they want to leave, then they [can] go and we will continue our lives... Our main condition is the practical start of [a] peace process,” he added.

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