Thursday, February 13, 2014

Whiny Lee Co (LEED Brat Pac) Liberal Lawsuit Dismissed...

In case you haven't heard,  a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by four whiny liberals who got all in a tizzy that they were replaced on CCCC's Board of Trustees by the Republican controlled NC General Assembly.

Yes, my friends, they sued you, essentially.  Thank God, Justice prevailed.

Just read...and note.. It's the same old whiners, same old good old boys and gals, same old gang, represented by same old boys in the club - actually Silverman..who called people like me, who wants smaller, efficient government "murderous" and kin to the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the Sanford Herald:

CCCC trustee ruling leaves neither side totally satisfied

State wins case, but plaintiffs granted key concession
Feb. 13, 2014 @ 02:16 PM
The four Central Carolina Community College trustees who sued the college and the state after being forced off the board this summer by the General Assembly have had their case dismissed.
Superior Court Judge Winston Gilchrist ruled that local Rep. Mike Stone (R-Lee/Harnett) acted within his power to remove Chet Mann, Jan Hayes, Norman "Chip” Post and Tony Lett from the board. Gilchrist also, however, agreed with the trustees in one matter, ruling that the law was wrong to bar the four from being reappointed to the board in the near future.

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