Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm not for amnesty.  No way no way.  You want to become a legal citizen?  Then do it the right way.  Do it the way millions have done before you.  But don't expect the majority of Americans to believe you are owed it.  Besides all the Democrats want are voters.  They could care less about the individuals. 

Now, that I've said that...Renee Ellmers, what in the world were you thinking? Insulting Laura Ingraham on her show has to be the dumbest thing you've ever done.  Looks like Laura got the last word and boy did she tell the truth....

“I have my facts straight, Congresswoman,” Ingraham replied. “I’ve actually been working on this issue for about 10 years. The American people are not with you. La Raza and Chuck Schumer are with you.”

Let me say this loud and clear..."Congresswoman, if you are for amnesty, you will NOT get my vote.  You will NOT!"  I believe you just lost it anyway.

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'Renee Ellmers Thinks For Herself': Rep. Calls Ingraham 'Ignorant' In Pro-Amnesty Meltdown

"...The epic bout began when Ingraham brought up Ellmers’ primary challenger Frank Roche and asked why she supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. While Ellmers initially denied supporting amnesty, she eventually backed legal status and said “We have to deal with those who are here illegally, who are living in the shadows. That's what we have to deal with.”

“What you just said is infuriating to my listeners,” Ingraham responded. “I’m speaking for them right now. Your responsibility, I’d imagine, is to your constituents who are legal residents and American citizens, whose lives are slipping away from them right now.”

Ellmers jumped back in to argue that amnesty for illegal aliens would help her constituents because aliens aren't paying taxes.

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