Monday, March 24, 2014

UN-Happy Birthday, Obamacare

I remember that weekend.  It's like it was yesterday - March 23, 2010.  Crowds of people on the Capital lawn.  Teenagers screaming, "Give me my healthcare!"  Patriots screaming, "KILL THE BILL"! 

We listened to speeches from many members of  Congress, doctors, healthcare workers, and even a Hollywood star, Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie's dad, "National Treasure").  We marched around the Capital singing hymns.  We taunted members of Congress so much Pelosi had the Capital police move us to the Senate side. 

But we didn't shut up. 

Yes, I was there when it came down to the last hours before the thugs of the Democrat party passed the 2nd worst legislation ever:  Obamacare.   The worst is the bill that allowed Congress to tax us to death! 

Yes, I was there....I tried, like 40,000 more, to stop it.  But there would be none of that!

I love the headline below.  Think about it.  Are you better?  Do you still have a full-time job?  Heck do you still have a job?  Are your premiums $2500 LESS?  Mine are $4000 more a year now.   Can you keep your same doctor?  Not for many of us. 

So I would conclude:  NOT MANY AMERICANS ARE....
But no one seems to care in DC that we're not!

Obamacare Anniversary: Are You (and the Constitution) Better Off than Four Years Ago

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