Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cafeteria Worker Embarasses Kid

It's so easy to believe this only happens in New York, Colorado, California...but not in Sanford, NC!  We have 10,000 students and budget over 90 million and our "we know better than parents" school board wants more!  And puts out policies that deprive kids of a hot lunch if they are a bit delinquent.  Geez!

I wonder if the cafeteria worker is a registered Republican.  After all, don't forget Republicans want to throw granny over the cliff and starve school kids!  I don't hear the liberals screaming so maybe not!

But please..I have to be joking about a school cafeteria worker throwing away a hot lunch because a kid's "lunch" account was broke!  Nope, I'm not.  Can you imagine how embarrassed that kid was?  I know how upset my daughter was when a nosy cafeteria worker told her she couldn't have the Hershey bar THAT I PACKED!  Dang I think I'm still angry about that. 

But can't we afford to help a kid out here?  Yes we can.  Cameron, Wendy, Mark, Tamara, John, Lynn and Linda...pull out your checkbook and put your money where your big mouths are.  Create a rainy day fund for these situations.  Don't hold your breath, friends. 

However, the LCSS nutritionist, Vicky Matthews, is a shining example.  She settled the kid's account.  (Must read all of the article to find that out).

Lee student's food account causes cafeteria conundrum

Refusal of hot lunch sheds light on problematic policy
Apr. 08, 2014 @ 05:02 AM
After cafeteria staff at a local elementary school took away a young boy's lunch because of a small debt, the boy's mother is equating those actions with the bullying schools typically preach against.
Jami Kennedy said her son, a second-grade student at Greenwood Elementary School, ran out of money on his account last week but forgot to tell her. The next day, according to Kennedy, her son was served lunch — but when a cafeteria worker saw he had a negative amount in his account, she took his tray and threw away all the food he had just been given.

He was then given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a replacement for the hot meal that was taken, Kennedy said, and other children began teasing him for it.

"We teach our children not to bully and not to be this way, and over 80 cents, we have this," Kennedy said, noting that she lives two miles away from the school and could easily have come in and paid, if only someone had told her instead of relying on her son to remember to let her know.

"It shows the other kids in line that this kid doesn't have money, and they should pick on him because he's poor," she said. "They don't think that the mom just forgot to send money in."
Greenwood Principal Vicki Haislip said the cafeteria workers actually just set the lunch aside and didn't throw it away, but everyone agrees the boy's lunch was taken away after he had been served. Haislip said she's sorry for that, and so are the cafeteria workers.
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