Thursday, April 10, 2014

Establishment Connections

Wondering what the title is about?  Thom Tillis and Karl Rove.  That's what!

Here let's start with Karl Rove for a moment.  He's one of the biggest establishment Republicans ever.  Lately Karl has been railing against the Tea Party.   A bit too much for me.  Who died and gave him a crown?

We also found out not too long ago that Karl is funding ads for Thom Tillis.  According to the Washington Post, Rove recently headlined a fundraiser for Thom in Charlotte:

This is a big OUCH for Tillis from the WP article.  Not good press at all:

For about a dozen conservatives representing a variety of groups, GOP strategist Rove and Tillis embody “the ruling political elites that have dominated government,” instead of supporting principled pro-Constitution representation, said Vallee Bubak, a self-described Republican mom from Davidson, N.C. “You can’t buy an election.”

Rove’s Conservative Victory Project didn’t get much respect from local tea party leader Christian Hine, whose sign read, “Liber-TEA, not Rove.” Hine said, “If his goal is to get people who are electable, then he failed miserably,” referring to the low success rate for Rove-backed candidates in 2012...

I'm pretty sure this blog post concerning Tillis will make a few of my friends quite upset with me.  But I've never really cared if people get upset because I believe in transparency.  You should know all you can about a candidate in order to make a quality decision.

But ask your self...Seriously ask, "Do you want a candidate supported by Rove?"

When this man has the audacity to say someone who "CAN LOSE" is better than someone who is for limited government, life at conception, and accountability (the Tea Party candidate), you have to do a "double-check" - read

I believe the goal is get the establishment OUT OF DC.  Not add to it.  At this point the only way I will vote for Tillis is if he wins the primary.  I am not the enemy.  But Rove thinks I am.  Does that mean Tillis does too?  Mama always told me you get defined by the people you hang around with.  Some of his supporters act like we, Tea Party-likes, are the enemy.  They treat anyone who disagrees with "their man" as mud (to be nice). 

Sorry but I want someone who will REPLACE Hagan, not remake Hagan on the Republican side.  After all, we know Kay can't stand the Tea Party.  A lot of Republicans can't either. 

Isn't the goal to defeat Democrats? Makes you wonder at what point will the Republicans stop fighting the Tea Party and join forces with them.  

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