Friday, May 30, 2014

City Council in bed with Golf Course Boss? You Decide!

You have to work very hard to be that dumb and careless with taxpayer dollars.  And most of the board members on the Sanford City Council are just that.  All except Councilman Charles Taylor.

That's the impression I have after reading the Sanford Herald article, "Decision on golf presentations upsets one city council member"  a couple days ago.

Dear old Sam "I will ram tax increases down your throat" Gaskins was adamant about not looking at proposals for the golf course.  To heck with the competition and being wise stewards of taxpayer dollars. This man refuses to hear the constituents.  He blocks our emails and is about as arrogant as they come.  Why do people in my district vote for him?  Are the voters that tuned out?  Yea they are.

Now imagine Sam is a Republican. Oh my goodness, Keith Clark, Jay Calendine, and any other Democrat would be howling from the rooftops!  But because he's a Dem, they cower in the corner.
Let's recap:  Our esteemed council board consistently refuses to make the golf course private.  They have no problem sinking $400,000 plus (per year in the past) of your tax dollars on a losing asset. And now they won't even consider hearing options for better management?  Who the heck do these elitists think they are?  Oh, the article states that the city will only put in $90,000 this time to keep the golf course operating.  I guess they call that "progress"?  Are you kidding me?  If you have to keep putting money in this liability to keep it running, it's a failure!

But you really can't blame them.  The citizens are the blame for sitting home and not voting them out of office.  So these elected officials are able to keep abusing our tax dollars as they wish.  Shame on you voters!
Hmmm well look a here ... Looks like Mayor Mann got a nice campaign donation from the brother of the Golf Course Manager...interesting.  Here read for yourself:

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