Saturday, May 17, 2014

"We are to no longer to be considered teachers"

I know Common Core is not a single curriculum.  It is a set of standards.  But the curriculums being written to fit those standards are ruining our schools.   

As with many progressive things in the US, California is the first place changes are seen.  We need to stop the use of Common Core standards NOW.

From the link below:   I've been following your emails regarding Common Core, and the situation certainly is not pretty. Thanks a million for all you do.  Many of my liberal friends are no longer liberals. They're being screwed, and now they know it. We teachers had a meeting with the man who is basically in charge of all school programming, and it isn't pretty. He's leaving since they want him to reapply for a job; but he knows his job is being cut.  He will be gone. More on that in a minute --

Hopefully Common Core can be neutered. I heard that 35 states have legislation to either restrict or eliminate Common Core.  WOW!

Most of our math teachers are puzzled themselves by what they have seen in CC.

Our dept. chair (who is a vocal liberal and was a proponent of CC) came back from a district-wide meeting.  He said the entire CC plan was so illogical that his hands were literally shaking after the meeting was over.

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