Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Council Strikes Again!

By now you ought to be aware that elections have consequences.  However, in the city of Sanford, the voters either just don't care or are too ignorant.  And our representatives on the city council are just money hungry and bent on making the rest of us POOR.

While you were eating dinner (if you could afford it), bathing your children, reading a book, paying bills, etc, the Sanford City Council raised your taxes AGAIN! 

WooHoo...We get to pay $50 more for sanitation services and 6 cents/$100 more for city taxes.  Are you happy yet?   We get to pay for bonds for beautiful walkways while our children go hungry.  And one tax increase after another.

No need to call the councilmen.  The only one that listens is Charles Taylor.  The rest are just elitists!

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