Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good laugh! Sanford Herald "Thumbs Up"

I don't read the Sanford Herald like I use to do.  I want to hit something usually after the LTE section.  And it's a liberal paper that bashes the right whenever it can.  Biased?  You bet.  But this morning's "Thumbs Up" shows you just how hypocritical and money hungry the so-called leaders in our community are.

Here's a link to the section:  Please read it...

And my take?  Well..the last paragraph by the editor about the kumbaya of the local liberal school board must be commented on:

"It’s good to see our local public school educational leaders are supportive of the community college; the school system’s support gives the bonds even more credibility in the eyes of the voters." 

Mr. Editor...what else did you expect?  I applaud the fact that you mentioned in the same "Thumbs UP" how the numbers are increasing of those in our community needing help.  Right On!  Tax us more so we can eat less.  Bravo!

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