Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carman Licciardello - Listen Up!

This guy has always been one of my favorite Christian artists.  Not only does his music minister deeply but he is right on about where the church stood still and did nothing.

This article comes from his facebook page.  Enjoy the video above of his song "We need God in America Again".. So true!! Right on again...

GAY MARRIAGE: PRO OR CON ? As a Christian in ministry for 35 years my position should be obvious by now. So I'm not going join an angry mob and throw more rocks... at the next Gay Pride parade. It's not going to win anyone to Christ and I wouldn't say anything you haven't already heard. But here's what I will say.

I have to hand it to the LGBT community. They have fought for what they believed in much harder than the Christian community ever did. They're much more united than we are. They comprise only 3% of the American population and took in the 83% who claim to be Christians and won. They have marched, held accountable politicians, entertainers, sports figures and every TV network for negative portrayals of homosexuals and even the very words they find offensive. They even got laws passed that sodomy is now not illegal. They have been relentless and determined to demand the equality, the respect and the position in society that they felt they deserve. And man, did they ever get it. Like it or not they have proven what hard work and determination can accomplish.

Most Christians seem content to complain to each other and not to go to war for what they believe in until the change comes that they demand. So the victory goes to the ones who wanted it more and were willing to sacrifice the most to get it. I'm not surprised at this Supreme Court decision at all. In 1962 90% of the American people wanted prayer in public school. Again 3% wanted it out. But the 3% were willing to do what the 90% were not willing to. And that was unite and fight for it.

Since that time 45 category's of national morality have skyrocketed upward. Everything from violent crime to divorce to teen pregnancy to adultery to serial killing have continued to rise. We rejected Gods word in 1962 and took our first verbal public stance against him as a nation. America has never recovered.

Now an academic conference held at the University of Cambridge said that pedophilia interest is “natural and normal for males”, and that “at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children” Unless you missed it the key word there is "Normal". This is in the beginning stages of how something becomes a law and it will create another American subculture based on "Normal" sexual orientation. If you think it won't then your not seeing what is really at stake here.

Remember Martin Luther King warned us that everything Hitler did was legal. He had No higher authority to go to other than his own government.

What I'm saying is simple: What one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces" If we allow sin to be tolerated among us then we must get comfortable with ultimately being dominated by it. Unfortunately Christians need to learn a lesson from the fearless tenacity of the 3% in the LGBT community on how to dig deep and fight the giants of this life.

In 1994 I wrote a song that sparked a stadium tour and said the only hope for America is Jesus and we need God in America Again. I collected a million names on a petition for prayer in public school. More than any American citizen. But that was another generation. My generation. Where are the Warriors for this generation ?

And I was only a musician. It was all I knew to do. Where are this generations fearless musicians, politicians and public personalities that will put there careers on the line to stand up and defend the word of God ? We need our "David's" who will face the Giants and take them down and not just watch movies about it. I challenge everyone with this today: After you've prayed, starting in your own community, what action will your first step be, to put God in America Again ?

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