Saturday, August 1, 2015

EDUCATION: Send Money to Classroom not Boardroom!!!

The article below has brought to life just how much bureaucracy there is in our Public Education Ivory towers.  It's absolutely astonishing that our legislature is considering cutting Teacher Assistants but allows the fat cats sitting in boardrooms, making decisions that no one can live up, to benefit.  The unions are bound to love this ammo.

I am for one a citizen sick of hearing NC Teachers complain.  But when the Locke Foundation reveals this stuff, you can't help but take notice. 

Time for action.  Time to reel in the NC Board of Education and make a difference in our classrooms.  Folks...if you don' get what we are seeing today.   Dumb downed education and a constant bitter fight between the ones that do and the ones that make decisions.  It's not too late.

From The Locker Room:

$69,157,850 In Education Contracts While Teachers Buy Classroom Supplies

The State Board of Education usually votes on contracts every month with one fell swoop. Next week the Board has a hefty list of 46 pages consisting of 74 individual contracts. This approval vote will spend over $69 million state and federal dollars.
Who are the winners and what new initiatives are in this “ wind fall” of contracts?

Surprise, surprise, surprise, testing and assessments make the top of the list. Contracts for assistance in the testing area consist of $38,321,802. NC State alone has received six contracts this fiscal year totaling nearly $37 million, and most of their contracts involve testing. No wonder the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is sometimes called a “testing company,” (by way of NC State).

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