Friday, October 23, 2015

Silverman Allegedly Accused of Misconduct..REMEMBER: ALLEGEDLY

Let's face reality folks.  This isn't good news - see below.  But it's also a complaint and not a charge. Honestly if I was in trouble, he's the guy (although we can't stand each other's politics)...Silverman is the lawyer I would want on my side.

Whether it's true or not will remain to be seen.  But he does have one of the sweetest wives of anyone I know.  She's a gem.  Just think about her and their boys. 

From  Sanford Herald Facebook page:

BREAKING – A Sanford attorney faces disciplinary action for sexual misconduct while practicing law, according to a complaint filed Friday.

The complaint, filed with the N.C. State Bar Association, alleges that Jonathan Silverman of the Sanford law firm Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee, Post, & Patton engaged in a sexual relationship with a firm client during two periods when the firm represented her, in violation of North Carolina State Bar policy.

Read more on their facebook page or website:

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