Saturday, August 13, 2016

Guccifer's Lists!

Oh how sweet it is!  Tables turning on the most vile party ever.   Give them credit.  The Democrats could elect Satan himself and they would all get behind him. 

You need to grab some fresh brew and sit a while.  Guccifer has a fairly large compilation of the DCCC docs that were "released" aka "revealed when hacked".  

My only hope is Guccifer or Assange can hack into the Clinton Foundation server(s)!  I imagine there's one in the basement of Hillary's combine.   Of which folks, has a wall!!  Are the neighbors that bad, Hillary? 

But since the Lamestream media won't report the truth, who cares how it gets revealed!!

Anyway, have you poured your cup of coffee yet?  Go get it, my friend.  Pull up a chair and spend a little time reading. 

'Cause at the links below you'll find a few things on Guccifer's website.  Not sure if anything is earth shattering at this point.  But inquiring minds may want to know things like:

The secret list (not so secret anymore) of Democrat Congressional members personal contact info.  Call them for  a chat if you like!   And like how to bring down Trump and how to defend email server lies. How to protect Hillary at all costs.  And how much insiders, big DC boys and girls  and Hollywood have donated (Stephen Spielburg ($1.1 mil) and Morgan Freeman (1.0 mil)).  You know things like that.

Make sure the brew is fresh.  And go fill up that coffee cup again if needed.  I can't seem to find anything of support for Bernie.  Was he just a ploy?  A paid distraction?  Let me know what you find.  I can't read all of them.  I have work to do!

2016er Attacks – HRC Defense Master Doc [updated]

By all means, you can't miss the "Donald Trump Report":

 Guccifer 2.0 DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker


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